What we offer

With hosting options on-premises and off-premises, Cloud.gov.mt allows you to focus on developing your services without having to worry about the hassle of procurement. Launch as many virtual machines as needed, or for even more convenience, make use of the PAAS services to launch databases and web-apps whilst we handle the rest.


Infrastructure as a Service
  • Self-Provisioned with Complete Control
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Security & Firewall Functionalities
  • Enhanced Monitoring Tools & Insights
  • Scale up & Scale out
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Platform as a Service
  • Self-Provisioned with Control on the platform only
  • MS-SQL & MySQL Databases as a Service
  • Web Applications as a Service
  • High Availability Options Included
  • Ability to Scale Up & Scale Out as needed
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Deploy to the public immediately

CLOUD.GOV.MT is made specifically for government entities – allowing them to immediately take advantage of the numerous opportunities that cloud-based technologies can give.

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Create a Public IP

To create and associate a public IP to your VM, you can easily start the process yourself by clicking on the “Create a Resource” button located on the left hand… Create a Public IP

Azure AD B2C

Introduction Currently, most applications are federating the authentication to the identity providers in order not to handle any username and passwords. In these cases, each application would have custom code,… Azure AD B2C